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meet chloe + sophia

Chloe Strickland and Sophia Winter began their respective art careers at an early age. For Chloe, art came as a natural gift recognized early-on; the demands for her talent resulted in profitable sales of her artwork by the time she was 12 years old. For Sophia, she was attending art shows on the hip of her mother before she could even walk.

Between the two of them, the duo has collective industry experience that spans over a decade. Notably, more than half of that time was spent working in established galleries and with prominent designers. Together, they are multidisciplinary creatives specializing in curating refined, artisanal craftsmanship.

Tastemakers by nature, curators by choice; Chloe + Sophia incorporate their eclectic experience and global travels into the pieces they procure and the environments they create. After eight years of friendship, the inevitable creative partnership has finally commenced and become The Artizan Studios.


Sophia is a firm believer that creativity, like any other endeavor worth pursuing, requires discipline. For Sophia, visual expression began first as an outlet and has since transformed into a life source, a moving meditation, a process irreplaceable by any other means.


Sophia received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of Charleston, specializing in Arts Management and Marketing. She has spent significant time traveling Europe studying Art History and honing her eye for fine art and detail. Her work history includes serving in various capacities at fine art galleries and interior design firms.


In the last six years, Sophia has operated as an independent artist producing original and commissioned work for designers and art collectors in addition to formerly working in the Fashion and Modeling industry out of New York City.



Not long after she was able to hold a paintbrush, Chloe was awarded “Artist of the Year” when she was in first grade. Over 20 years later, she has continued her pursuit of excellence in the field of visual arts as a self-employed, live wedding painter since launching her first business, “Paint by Chloe” in 2015. 

    Chloe received her B.F.A in Fashion Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). From a partnership with Swarovski Crystal to presenting her senior fashion collection to W-Magazine, Chloe’s unique talent and creative capacity have been recognized far and wide. 

    Despite her success as a self-employed artist, she has always felt a void in the market where true artisans need to be represented, marketed, and connected with other expressive industries. Thus, with the help and friendship of Sophia, the two have united forces to turn a passion into a profession.

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